Home Design Tips


There are alot of mistakes people make when it comes to home design. Here are some tips to help you when designing your home.

  1. Make sure you know your budget and design a home you can afford to build. This means finding out the rough per m2 building price from several builders for the type of build and inclusions yuo like. next you need to find out your budget by speaking with a mortgage broker or our bank. Better yet get finance pre approval as the market is changing very quickly. Next you need to divide your budget by the price per m2 to get the size of the home you can afford. eg Budget / price m2 = size of home you can afford to build. Example $400 000/ $1050m2 = 380.9m2 size of home you can afford to build.
  2. Malke sure you own the copyright when you have your house plans designed by someone else.

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