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Building Brokers Perth also know as Perth builder brokers. As Perth's leading Building Brokers we have access to the best builders and can get you the best building price.

The building brokers in perth have been a great strength for many people in getting their building prices down.

Are You Time Poor?   |   Want A Quality Build?   |   Want The Best Price?


Building Brokers Perth from Home Builders Australia can help you achieve exactly what you want!.



Most people ask themselves, what are the benefits to me?   Well thats easy...

We Get You Bulk Buying Discount.
Everyone knows that when you buy in bulk you get a cheaper rate. So logic dictates  that when you have only 1 home to negotiate with that you would not get any room to move for buying power. When you use a Professional Builder Broker you can tap into the Bulk Buying Discount rates that are available.

Looking for the perfect house builder that fits into your budget is also extremely important. Budgets are the determining factor in whether you build with a project home builder or a custom home builder or luxury home builder. We know which builders will not only fit into your budget but we can tap into the volume discounts reserved only for extremely large builders 500+ homes a year.

Home Builders Australia Builder Brokers - Saved $25,000 on a clients first home - Oct 2010 moved into their home in Ipswich.  Saved $45,000 on a narrow lot house in Melb City - Oct 2010 BA submitted. Saved client $1250 on redrawing of their existing house for their renovations South Perth Jan 2011.

We are PROVEN to beat the standard pricing again and again. Want to save money on your next build? Contact us and we can help you with your next new home building project.

We help you Save Time

Choosing a good builder can be a time consuming and difficult task. There are literally hundreds of builders out there, some are good and others definitely not. We save you the time and from having to wade through them all. With your needs and wants we find suitable builders in your price range. Let us do the leg work for you and we GUARENTEE a better price than you can get yourself.

We can give you Expert Advice

Just like doctors and dentists and mortgage brokers we are experts in our field. We have experience in all facets of building a home and are able to provide you expert advice regarding the options available to you. We have access to the best Australian Builders.

By using our Builder Broker Service you take advantage of our wealth of information on the local Australian Builders. Contact Us Today Call 1300 407 414 or email us.

We do the hard work of getting plans quoted and can even organise for plans to be drawn to suit your block. The great thing is you will own the coyright to the plans so anyone can build them. If you get a builder to draw your plans they own the copyright, so even thogh you paid for the plans you are in the position of having to get new plans drawn again.This can be a costly excercise Do the right thing and use our designer and house plan services thru the leading Building Brokers Perth.


"I cant believe that i got $100,000 SAVED off my duplex from the prices that I got. Hawaii here I come." - Tony Bergn 2010.October.

"Saved $25K off the price and got the upgrades too for free. Thankyou, I really love my first home." - Andria Swann Aug 2010. - " ps got the spa witht he drink holder and lighting deliverd last week"



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